Digital Publisher and Storytelling Studio

Our mission is simple:

Use stories and metaphor-based strategies in communicating knowledge and wisdom.

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What we do:

  • Publishing interactive digital books
  • Creating digital micro-learning contents
  • Supporting other people with the same mission

Our Works

Story Bread logo


Storytelling Studio

Storybread creates stories for online platforms.

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Personalized Books

Sowabook creates meaningful personalized books to inspire people.

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LIGHT + 60

Chinese Digital Book Imprint

LIGHT + 60 publishes insightful e-books for Chinese Christians.

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12 Baskets Book Covers

Book Cover Design Services

12 Baskets Book Covers use editorial thinking to design premade and custom book covers that work.

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12 Baskets Digital

Digital Content Development Services

12 Baskets Digital creates digital marketing content to explain complex ideas.

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12 Gates Creative

Inspirational Products

12 Gates Creative designs inspiring merchandise and wall art to cultivate good thinking.

Communication Strategies

Basically, we use stories and metaphors to communicate the most important messages, whether it is a digital book, e-learning content, or a video. Metaphor is the engine of storytelling and is powerful in changing people's worldviews. Without stories, knowledge can only be tasteless as a form of communication.

Only good thinking can produce good things. With the visions and wisdom from above, we walk in the journey of faith.

12 Kingdom Principles

derived from the parables

12 Baskets Creative is a Kingdom Parables practicing business, following "12 Kingdom Principles", which are inspired by the Biblical wisdom, especially the Kingdom parables mentioned in the Gospels.

Wise Virgins

We cannot control what will happen. But it is our responsibility to be prepared for the future.


The condition of heart determines the outcome of an idea.

Mustard Seed

A great vision often starts from a small beginning.

Grain of Wheat

Not just follow your vision but make sacrifices for it.

Hidden Treasure

Human desires should ultimately lead us to search for eternal values.

Wise Builder

A solid foundation must be well-formed before you make a lasting impact on people.


Giving up less valuable things is necessary for seeking a real treasure.

Prodigal Son

Knowing your identity will bring an everlasting change.

Mustard Seed

By faith everyone can accomplish more than they can do with own strength.

Salt and Saltiness

Losing a purpose will lead to losing a position.

Ten Servants

Faithful stewards must overcome fear.

Narrow Gate

An easy path makes you comfortable. But only a right path can take you to your destination – your ordained position for making an impact on the world and people.

The Biblical story of 12 baskets tells us how to multiply our small resources by being faithful to our visions from above. Let's walk together by faith.

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